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Archie’s love of the natural world, and animals in particular, make the Archie Cruickshank Foundation his most obvious legacy. His family, and the Foundation’s trustees, have established this charity with the sole purpose of improving the welfare of animals around the world, as well as enhancing the lives of young people who, like Archie in previous times, may face unwanted challenges, by offering them chances to interact with, care for, and ultimately enjoy the company of animals.

The Foundation is a small, essentially family-run charity, focusing on improving animal welfare wherever required. Sadly, problems associated with the humane treatment of animals are abundant, and we recognise we can only achieve a limited amount, dependent on resources available at any particular time. But we truly believe that anything and everything is better than nothing, and we know Archie would very much appreciate making improvements to animals’ lives in his memory. To have as much effect as possible, the Foundation will, whenever appropriate, work with other animal welfare organisations, large or small, so as to maximise the availability of financial resources, and thus maximise potential impact.

The last opportunity we had as a family with Archie was over Christmas and New Year 2017, during a fun and relaxing two-week period in Sri Lanka. Because of this lasting memory and experience, the Archie Cruickshank Foundation has associated itself with working to enhance animal welfare in Sri Lanka as an initial focused geographical area. In December 2018, the Foundation conducted a visit to Sri Lanka specifically to witness ongoing operations by Animal SOS, a UK registered charity, which cares for dogs and cats in some very challenging conditions. The Archie Cruickshank Foundation and Animal SOS will work together in the coming months to ensure vulnerable, neglected (and, in many cases, abused) animals are given every opportunity to recover and prosper in a safe and caring environment, while also making every attempt to create attitudinal change within the local population by encouraging people to change for the better their view of domesticated animals, and the value they have to community life. The Archie Cruickshank Foundation will not be confined to only one geographical area, and already we are in discussion with the Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to see how we can add value to their operations, especially in terms of offering opportunities for young people to benefit from exposure to animals.

The Foundation aims to raise funds through donations and sponsorships, including (but not limited to) specific fund-raising events – details of which can be found on our 
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page. All donations to the Foundation will be very gratefully received and will be accounted for in line with the Foundation’s governing principles and legislation, with full transparency guaranteed at all times through publication of received donations within our website. Those intimately involved in the set up and running of the Foundation will always maintain responsibility for all administrative costs and effort and, therefore, 100% of all donations received will be spent on enhancing animal welfare.   


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